Tak Sun Private Kindergarten and Tak Sun Primary School
Tak Sun Kindergarten and Tak Sun Primary School are both located in Kowloon. The principal medium of instruction is Chinese.

Tak Sun Secondary School
Tak Sun Secondary School is a Hong Kong Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) registered school which started operations in September 2000. The School has the capacity to provide education to more than 1,000 students in classes from Form 1 to Form 7.

China Educational & Cultural Exchange, CECEA
CECEA administers the International Assessment for schools among the secondary schools in Taipei in collaboration with the University of New South Wales.

He Shan Residence Hall
Heshan is a residence hall for men offering accommodation, a holistic human formation, and learning facilities to Taiwanese and overseas students. Heshan is more than just a dormitory — it is a new learning experience in Taiwan.

Family Enrichment Society
Conducts a Master’s program on Family Education and organises family-related conferences and seminars; FES also runs youth clubs.

Family First Foundation
A charitable organisation founded in 2001 by a group of concerned parents eager to revitalize society by strengthening its most basic unit: the family. “In order to foster a society that is just and humane, the family must first be developed as a wellspring of human virtues.”

Granite Study Centre
“Granite” is a solid stone used to build. As the name implies, the centre seeks through various programmes to form students into men that are strong and able to contribute effectively to the building of society.

Instituto per Cooperazione Universitaria
An Italian NGO which specializes in educational projects all over the world.

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