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Christmas 2008 Photos

Check here the latest Christmas Mass and get together photos

Here’s a little story about St Josemaria…

St Josemaría had very fond memories connected with the family’s Christmas celebrations. Together with Carmen, he would help his father put up the Nativity scene. And the whole family sang Christmas carols together. He remembered in particular the one which begins Madre, en la puerta hay un Niño – “Mother, there’s a little boy at the door”.

This carol has a chorus in which the Child Jesus repeats, “I have come down to earth to suffer.” The song stayed with him from the cradle to the grave. “When I was three years old,” he would say, “my mother would take me in her arms and sing me that carol, and I would very happily go to sleep.”

In his last years he would be visibly moved, and would become totally absorbed in prayer, whenever he heard this carol at Christmastime.


A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all!

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