Honlam Study Centre

Honlam Study Center is a cultural and activities center located in Macau SAR China. The center provide young men and boys with cultural, educational, spiritual, and professional programs. The aim is to encourage the integration of virtue, knowledge and service at home and in society.


Classes on English, study skills, hobbies, and current issues are organized throughout the year.

International Evenings foster an increased awareness of and appreciation for diverse cultures.

Evenings of conversation provide contact and intellectual exchange with professionals in business, education, and fashion.

Seminars discuss current moral issues such as bio-ethics, social responsibility and the Third World, the value of suffering, work, and professional ethics.

Leadership Training

Honlam provides Leadership weekends and summer camps prepare high school boys and university students to teach and counsel young children in academics and in character development.

Short-term courses increase proficiency in specific skills and subject areas: Study, English, Math, and tutoring in foreign languages.

Educational and social programs for groups with special needs are held regularly in Honlam. Such service ventures include one project in the Philippines and others in needy communities in our vicinity.

East Asian Educational Association

Honlam Study Center is an initiative of the East Asian Educational Association (EAEA), a not for profit educational and charitable corporation based in Hong Kong that sponsors similar centers in Hong Kong and Macao.

EAEA is committed to fostering human virtues, professional competence and a deep spiritual life in men and women of all ages.

In giving this integral formation it seeks to empower each individual to contribute in a significant way to the enhancement the family and society.

Opus Dei – Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church

Although Honlam is open to men of all faiths and welcomes everyone, Catholic men can especially profit from the doctrinal and spiritual programs offered at Honlam, which are under the direction of Opus Dei, a Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.

Opus Dei strives to promote the practical implementation of Christianity among lay faithful in their everyday work and ordinary occupations.

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